Jungle Book reimagined

Rudyard Kipling's classic choreographed by Akram Khan

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Akram Khan has always felt very close to The Jungle Book, not only because he played Mowgli in an Indian dance production in his youth but because of the three profound lessons it contains: all species on our planet share the same life; humans, animals and nature depend on one another; and the sense of family and our need to belong are of vital importance.

The period in which we live poses unprecedented threats to all the world's species and we no longer remember how closely we are linked to the planet that is our home. We need to take a more respectful stance and remember all we have forgotten. Telling these tales on stage through the magic of dance and music is one of the most profound and time-honoured ways of doing it.

This new production by the great choreographer Khan arises from his reading of the original stories by Rudyard Kipling, which carry a powerful message of relevance to the present-day world.

Khan goes beyond words, using gestures, movements and video projections to make us reflect about the effects of climate change on all living beings on our planet so that the dancers' body movements can unite with our voices and convictions to transform the world.

The very name of Akram Khan evokes a dance troupe which tells stories from a fresh perspective and uses ancient myths to create new productions about what it means to live in a globalized society. His is a courageous company which changes the rules of the game. For it might not be the end of the world, but it could be the end of our species!

sponsor of the Dance Circle 

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Approximate running time 2h 3min

  • First part 56 min
  • Interval 20 min
  • Second part 47 min

Artistic profile

Director and choreographer
Akram Khan
Creative associate and coach
Mavin Khoo
Tariq Jordan
Dramaturgical advisor
Sharon Clark
Jocelyn Pook
Gareth Fry
Visual stage designer
Miriam Buether
Art Direction and Director of Animation
Adam Smith (YeastCulture)
Nick Hillel (YeastCulture)
Rotoscope artist and animator
Naaman Azhari, Natasza Cetner and Edson R. Bazzarin
Curve, Leicester; Birmingham Hippodrome; Edinburgh International Festival; Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Singapore; Festspielhaus, St. Pölten; Internationaal Theatre, Amsterdam; Maison de la Danse – Pôle européen de création, Lyon; National Arts Centre, Canada; New Vision Arts Festival, Hong Kong; Orsolina28; Pfalzbau Bühnen – Theatre im Pfalzbau, Ludwigshafen; Romaeuropa Festival; Attiki Cultural Society – Athens; Stanford Live, Stanford University; Teatros del Canal, Madrid; Théâtre de Caen and Théâtre de la Ville, Paris.

January 2023

25Wednesday19:00Turn B
26Thursday19:00Turn D
28Saturday17:00Turn Dansa
28Saturday21:30Turn C
30Monday19:00Turn A

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